About Us


Bill Daly

An Online Content Strategist with the ability to operate effectively at a strategic or hands-on level with excellent communication and people development skills.

Has also implemented and driven Lean, Continuous and WCM initiatives to optimise material flows and reduce cycle time and costs in the manufacturing processes.

Has operated at middle and senior management level for companies such as Western Digital, EMC, Apple, Logitech, Moog, Benchmark Electronics and Allen-Vanguard.

Over the past few years I have stepped outside my natural comfort zone to become involved in consulting and contract services to other diverse business sectors, including small to medium companies, and this has served to give me a greater level of confidence in my ability to take on and achieve a successful outcome in different projects.

I consider myself an open collaborative professional who is committed to the development of people – and my work always involves training, mentoring and hands – on – support of people in their quest to improve their own performance and the performance results of the business.

“Stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, challenge. They help us understand. They imprint a picture on our minds.” — Janet Litherland

Basically what I do for SME’s is to convert the technical/semi-technical jargon into a snappy storyful content to make it interesting for the reader, so that people will read it and also market them on Social Media across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A bit like embracing the world of digital with the old fashioned storytelling.

Many of my target businesses, the small to medium sector, have paid good money to get Websites but do very little to promote them. Not many of them have ‘live blogs’, and a blog without a website is like a car without an engine. What I want to do is almost go back to the old Irish legends, the seanachai and use this medium to tell a digital content story so that their content has a chance of being read.

I am always looking for ways to bring clients that extra edge to make them more competitive in Today’s tough economic environment.