The Digital Seanchai



‘The craft of storytelling, the magic of digital’


My Mission is to help small to medium businesses who cannot afford to hire full–time digital marketing professionals or have the time available to continuously update their Social Media platforms themselves.

I want to place them on a level playing field, in relation to marketing and social media, so that they can compete effectively with their bigger competitors.

For this reason, I keep the costs to the Clients at a very affordable and flexible rate and encourage them to come on a longer term journey with me as we keep their company brand and products out there using a continuous digital pulse week by week.


We are in the age of the ‘speed read’ where 70% of the information is picked up on mobiles and people are generally put off if they see a large amount of data in front of them, and the chances of this getting read is remote. The experts tell us there is a critical 9 seconds in which people decide to read your post or not. Being aware of this, I always try to put myself in the place of the recipient. And for this reason I tend to go with a nicely crafted graphic image that carries the main information, then a few sentences to get them interested and then a link to the document that carries the rest of the information.

People tend not to remember data, but they will remember a well presented graphic, a humorous story and interesting, snappy content. As all of this is evolving, week by week, your business logo is embedding into their brain and they will come to recognise it in the future.

The majority of my clients would work with me strategically on a long term basis, I give them 2 posts (with my own graphics) per week on Facebook and Twitter, and some clients would be more suited to LinkedIn and Twitter , for this I charge them a very reasonable monthly rate, which they reckon is a very fair price. If they want anything extra beyond this, and it’s not too unreasonable, I generally would not charge them anything extra. I would talk to them at the start of each month to see what they want to push and this then influences the design of my graphics and the relevance of the content to coincide with their monthly revenue ambitions.

I never turn a small business away, even if they only want as little as one post per month.

The objective is to drive potential customers to the client’s website by a constant engagement on social media. It is vital to have a good Facebook and Twitter page, and possibly LinkedIn to promote the website and also to keep you ‘top of mind ‘with your potential customers week in and week out.